Great Valley Bridge (Greensburg Pike Bridge)

The bridge carries Greensburg Pike, which is the old alignment for the Lincoln Highway, US 30. The bridge connects to the Turtle Creek Valley, a once-prosperous area due to Westinghouse Electric and Westinghouse Air Brake factories. Due to congestion in the area, as well as the Pennsylvania Railroad needing to upgrade its lines, the new bridge was built in 1925. Only seven years alter, the Lincoln Highway was realigned to bypass the Turtle Creek Valley on a high bridge, the George Westinghouse Bridge. The 1925 Great Valley Bridge is historically significant in that it was built as a joint project between Allegheny County and the Pennsylvania Railroad, dating from a time where industrialization necessitated such transportation improvements. In 2012, the bridge is to be replaced.


40.403, -79.8244
Monongahela Watershed, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

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