Jonathon Hulton Bridge

To many in the Pittsburgh area, the Hulton Bridge is known for lavender color (it was painted that shade from green in an early 1990's rehabilitation). The historic bridge is noteworthy for a lot more. It was the first County of Allegheny designed bridge over the Allegheny River. The bridge consists of 1,544 feet of trusses, longer than any other thru truss in the county. The bridge's main span is 505 feet, one of the longest in the country in 1910, is still in the top 50 of the longest simple truss spans in North America. The main span is also noteworthy in that it is skewed, though the rest of the surrounding trusses are not. Furthermore, the bridge is the oldest active multi-span vehicular bridge over the entire Allegheny River. Despite its historical significance and relatively good condition (the bridge is well-maintained and has no weight limit), it is scheduled for replacement. The narrow two-lane bridge is a bottleneck, and it is frequently congested. As seen on the map, the problem with the location of the bridge is that it has T intersections on each end. The narrow bridge cannot accommodate turn lanes. Many people live on the Oakmont side, and two different freeways have interchanges on the Harmar side. To alleviate congestion, a wider bridge is to be built. Depending on funding, the new steel girder will open as early as 2015.


40.5272, -79.84667
Allegheny Watershed, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

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