Gudgeonville Covered Bridge

The Gudgeonville Bridge was the oldest covered of three covered bridges remaining in Erie County as of the mid 2000's. Just a few months after the photograph was taken in 2008 the bridge was destroyed by arson. The Gudgeonville Bridge was built in 1868 by William Sherman, who built other covered bridges in the area. A few sources site the date of construction as 1837. That may be the construction date of an older bridge at the same location. Supposedly the bridge is named after a mule named Gudgeon which was being delivered by Mr. Obadiah Will to Meadville in the mid 1800's. The mule was startled by passing canal boats playing ''My Old Kentucky Home'' and died. While some accounts state the mule dropped dead from fright, other accounts state that the mule refused to move and was beaten to death. Mr. Will buried the mule on the west bank of the creek and had the word ''Gudgeonville'' painted on the bridge. Some believe the mule still haunts the bridge area. There are also stories of other apparitions haunting the area, too. See the external links for more information.


Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, 1980


41.982391, -80.2668
Erie County, Pennsylvania

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