Fayette Station Bridge (Tunney Hunsaker Bridge)

The 1889 Fayette Station Bridge was the first vehicular bridge to cross the New River in Fayette County. In 1873, the C&O Railroad was completed through the New River Gorge. Not long after, Martin Blume founded the Fayette Coal and Coke Company. Fayette (east side) and South Fayette (west side) were built as company towns for the coal mines. In 1889, the Fayette Station Road was built to connect Fayetteville, the county seat of Fayette County, with Fayette and the C&O Railroad. The bridge was built as part of that road. Once the coal seam was exhausted, the towns were deserted. Nothing except for a few building foundations remain from the town. The bridge was allowed to deteriorate, and was closed to traffic in March of 1978, after the nearby New River Gorge Bridge was built. After almost 20 years, the bridge was dismantled and reconstructed. Though most of the bridge was replaced, as much original material was used as possible in the 1997 reconstruction. The bridge is an excellent example of how even a severely deteriorated bridge can be rebuilt and reopened to traffic.


38.064755, -81.077085
Fayette County, West Virginia

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